Dramatic analysis

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Speech Analysis

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Script Breakdown: Script and Scene Analysis

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Comprehensive Analyses

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This also means it has been incorporated into the Dramatica Story Expert application itself as an easily referenced contextual example.

All-Star Game Television Ratings. Baseball Almanac is pleased to present comprehensive All-Star Game television ratings, broadcast network data, shares, average households "tuning in" for every Major League All-Star Game, and millions of viewers data where available.

Update: May 16, Update: Immediately following the death of Rich Piana, news surfaced of the unexpected demise of newbie Dallas McCarver. Closely tied to Recon1, a concerted effort was made to disassociate the death from steroids by claiming that McCarver actually choked while eating.

Winning offshore wind bids in a UK auction for low-carbon electricity are cheaper than new gas, posing a challenge to energy preconceptions. The Pope has given official approval to a document by the Buenos Aires bishops. That won’t necessarily change what Catholics believe.

In this part of the subject content, students explore the ways that conflicts are presented, the meanings that can be inferred from the language use and the contextual reasons for these conflicts.

Dramatic analysis
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