India pakitan trade relation

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India-Pakistan trade relations: Seizing golden opportunities

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Timeline: India-Pakistan relations

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India–Pakistan relations

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Although bilateral trade between India and Pakistan was a modest US$ billion in Marchit is expected to cross US$10 billion by After the Kashmir earthquake, India sent aid to affected areas in Pakistani Kashmir and Punjab as well as Indian Kashmir.

Foreign relations of India

Timeline: India-Pakistan relations. A timeline of the rocky relationship between the two nuclear-armed South Asian neighbours. China–India relations, also called Sino-Indian relations or Indo-Chinese relations, refers to the bilateral relationship between the People's Republic of China However, disruptions have risen again due to China building trade routes with Pakistan on disputed Kashmir territory.

China–India relations

Furthermore, researchers at ICRIER (Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations) estimate the value of informal trade between Pakistan and India via third countries at $ billion, which is twice the amount of formal trade between the two countries.

India Pakistan Trade Relations are facilitated by the Federation of Indian Chambers and Commerce (FICCI) and the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI).


FICCI and FPCCI are the representatives of the trade and business community of their respective countries.5/5(14). Sep 04,  · News about India-Pakistan Relations, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

India pakitan trade relation
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