The changes in my life because of playing golf

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Fear should not be seen as a negative thing, in fact it can be a powerful tool to push you towards becoming a better you! Life is all about evolution. What looks like a mistake to others has been a milestone in my life.

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Mickelson vows ‘drastic changes’

Although I’m not playing great golf right now, because I feel I’ve crested the major hurdle of changing my fundamentals, I feel a lot more confident now that I’m back from my trip than before I went. To me a changemaker is what's next and new.

I think earlier in my life, I've always been curious. am not going to golf. I just made it my thing: I'm not going to golf!

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in the news a lot. Because January 1st was the cutoff date for the age-class. A player who turned ten on January 2nd would play alongside someone who wouldn't turn 10 for eleven more months.

The changes in my life because of playing golf
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