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Umberto Eco

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Feb 20,  · Umberto Eco was born on Jan. 5,in Alessandria, an industrial town in the Piedmont region in northwest Italy. His father, Giulio, was an accountant at.

Umberto Eco

UMBERTO ECO (–) was the author of numerous essay collections and seven novels, including The Name of the Rose,The Prague Cemetery, and Inventing the received Italy’s highest literary award, the Premio Strega, was named a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur by the French government, and was an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Welcome to the Umberto Eco tribute website, Eco, Name of the Rose, Foucault's Pendulum, Milan, Bologna, Postmodern, Linguistics, Semiotics, Philology, Deconstruction.

As the Hay festival prepares to donate its records to the British Library, the Observer is given exclusive access to the documents that chart its rise. Welcome to the Umberto Eco tribute website, Eco, Name of the Rose, Foucault's Pendulum, Milan, Bologna, Postmodern, Linguistics, Semiotics, Philology, Deconstruction.

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Possiamo ridere a differenza degli animali, perché siamo consapevoli della morte! - Umberto Eco's tribute. Milano, Lombardia.

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